Traditional Marketing vs.

Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

In the world of traditional marketing, there is a common theme among the varietals: random broadcasting, also known as guerilla-style marketing. Whether radio ads trickle through the airwaves or billboard signs scream loudly on the side of a highway, a tremendous amount of time and energy are both used to curate ad content, select placements for it, and distribute an unproven gamble. Of course, it often can be effective. Many of the most iconic marketing campaigns of all time have used traditional methods and now, in a digital age, we still see a proliferation of advertisements that often seem generic and lacking personable connection. With that in mind, directing ads and targeting specific customers through social media can seem overwhelming and daunting to anyone attempting to market their message effectively.  


In reality, digital media marketing is not only essential for businesses to remain on the radar, it also has more than a few distinct advantages over random broadcasting. To be competitive, the businesses that make it are the ones that have learned to maintain some degree of user interactivity and enjoyment. In the early 2000’s, TiVo changed the game for television, and Netflix still is a user platform that continues to carve away a chunk of viewers from cable every month. Aside from the differences in content, perhaps one of the biggest distinctions of these two businesses and their claim to success is a lack of irrelevant ads, or the user’s ability to skip them. Other platforms like Youtube or Instagram have taken notice of TiVo and Netflix’s success, and have taken it a step further.  Now, ads are rarely random in the sense that broadcasted TV ads can be- they are targeted, specific, local, international, and speak to the brand and culture. Social media platforms allow businesses to select who they want to see their ad, without consumers being inundated by it and without being subjected to ads that aren’t relevant to them. This mediated process takes place in a space that allows for reciprocity, engagement, and individualization- it allows for specific target marketing.


Just over a year ago, Pew Research found that adults “ages 18 to 29 (61%) say the primary way they watch television now is with streaming services on the internet”

“37% of the younger adults who prefer watching the news over reading it cite the web, not television, as their platform of choice. Social media is also a rising source of news: Two-thirds of adults – including 78% of those under 50 – get at least some news from social media sites.


As 2018 draws to a close, digital marketing trends remain consistent. There are more people than ever on social media platforms, and to target, the right customer takes skill and precision. Imagine the cost of a 30-second Television commercial is equal to the cost of sponsoring a 30-second ad on Facebook. With a shift of consumers spending more time online vs. viewing a show on a cable network, the ads on social media have the upper hand in being seen by the right customer. Even on a level playing field, digital marketing has more than a few distinct advantages:

  1. People can engage with ads, and feedback in real-time.

  2. The ad is targeting specific demographics and interests.

  3. There is always an electronic trail leading back to a website, landing page, or social platform.


Digital marketing is a wide-open set of platforms, allowing brands to define, refine, and scale up, all without the constraining nature many traditional forms of marketing are tied down by. At BPM Marketing Agency, we do in fact believe in traditional marketing... but we know we can be even more effective for brands and businesses in the digital realm we call home.


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Published August 29, 2018